58: Trust me, I'm a politician

The manifestos are out, and we're here to save you the trouble of reading them. The Tories promise to solve the social care crisis, by grabbing your home, Labour promise to spend spend spend, and the Lib Dems think taxing cannabis is the way forward. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Donald Trump edges ever closer to impeachment.

57: May Manifesto Madness

Labour's manifesto is out, admittedly sooner than the party might have liked. We look at whether the party's left-wing agenda for government is an implicit admission of defeat. Plus Theresa May's turn on the One Show sofa, and her surprising obsession with fox hunting, how UKIP's collapse could help her win dozens more seats, and why the Prime Minister could be to blame for another disastrous showing at Eurovision.

56: Bloody Difficult Woman

This week, we work through the local election results, to see what impact they'll have on June 8th (spoiler alert: the Tories are probably going to win big). Plus, why is Theresa May embracing the title of Bloody Difficult Woman, and why is she declaring war on Brussels just before Brexit talks. And we ponder the sorry tale of Diane Abbott, who can't remember her own policy. Get in touch via twitter.com/paulosbourne

55: Stuck on Repeat

Week 1 of the election campaign, and Theresa May breaks the world record for saying "strong and stable leadership" over and over again. We analyse the opening shots of the election nobody wanted, assess the last Prime Minister's Questions before the vote, and look at the prospects for the Liberal Democrats. Plus, we join the last-minute search for candidates, and limber up for a game of Pimp My Poll.